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Air Duct Cleaning Service

Air duct & furnace HVAC cleaning is a simple solution that provides remarkable results in the indoor air quality of your home or business. Removing dust, debris and other allergy triggering contaminants from the vents results in cleaner, healthier indoor air and may cut your energy costs.
According to the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA), the average 1500 square foot home can collect up to 10 pounds of dirt, dust, and allergens in your air ducts each year!
We provide our customers with the very best air duct cleaning service available. Our award-winning service matched with affordable, easy pricing ,knowledgeable technicians , that respect your home and your time, make us the #1 local favorite.
Take a minute to watch this informative video with Chris Hansen from Dateline NBC busting a duct cleaning company that is ripping off their customers. These air duct cleaning scammers are in nearly every city , preying on the elderly and uninformed. If the price sounds to good to be is.

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Why the Air QC Filter?

What the AirQC filter does for your heating / AC system:

  • Subtracts up to 95% of airborne contaminants
  • Easy to clean - just hose it off and reinstall
  • Continuous static charge by air friction.
    Grabs dust like a magnet
  • Lifetime manufacturer's warranty
  • Made in the USA
If it's in your ducts, it's in your lungs.
Our customer was suffering from severe allergy symptoms in their home. Check out this filter - the ducts were even worse! What do your ducts look like?

Call Dr. Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning Team today for clean healthy air tomorrow!
Call Dr. Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning Team today for clean healthy air tomorrow!

Air Duct Antimicrobial sanitation residential & commercial

An additional service offered with our air duct cleaning service is our antimicrobial, deodorizer, disinfectant called ENVIROCON.

is highly effective in eliminating odor causing micro-organisms as well as those associated with mold, mildew and bacterial growth. Envirocon eliminates odor causing organisms, not just covering them up.

Having the lowest EPA toxicity rating, means there are no harmful effects and is applied safely in occupied places like homes, schools, hospitals and work areas where indoor air is a huge concern. ENVIROCON remains active and continues working, for up to 6 months after application.

For eliminating bacteria, mold, mildew, fungi and algae, there is not and easier, safer or more effective product on the market

Why should I get my ducts sanitized?

Duct sanitizer is recommended if you are moving into a new home or if there has been a rodent problem, recent home remodel, homes with pets or smokers, homes with recent water damage, like overflows. ENVIROCON will effectively clean, disinfect and deodorize your home or business, with just one application. Price is based on home square footage.